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Sex Positions for the Fat Ladies

I’ve recently come across The REALvolution’s video blog and this vlog caught my interest

Sex Positions for the Fat Ladies

Jen fron The REALvolution talks in depth about the sex positions she enjoys as a larger girl, its a very informative video and goes into a lot of details on how to maximise pleasure during sex. Actually a lot of what she says isn’t just for larger girls / couples.

This group of video bloggers describe themselves as “…people participating in a movement of Self Love, Acceptance and Empowerment”. LOVE it. As a woman myself, I’ve had self confidence issues in the dim and distant past and its attitudes like this that really do empower and spread positivity. Plus there are some very sexy tips there.

I must admit to becoming a little turned on watching this video. Jen’s frank discussion on a subject she obviously enjoys was truly exhilarating to watch. She is also a very attractive woman!

I’ll be keeping my eye on this group. Totally loving them!

K xxx

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