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Ok so UK girls do have a bit of a reputation. Loud, drunk, horny and not very lady like at all. They go out and act the sexual predator just the same as guys do these days, and theres something we like about that. If you’re hit on by a confident, sexual woman who knows what she wants and wants to fuck you like she’s in charge, then I don’t think you’d complain.

So we’re talking about chav sluts, dirty sexy ladettes. Girls who act the way men are ‘supposed’ to. Going to pubs, drinking too much, making sexual comments towards guys and wolf whistling, watching sport and generally being rowdy. Its a cultural phenomenon and one thats associated with the UK. It may look messy when you see these girls swearing, fighting and falling over in the street on a friday night, but have you ever fucked these girls?

Personally, I’m in my late 20’s and I would never describe my self as a ladette, but I do enjoy a drink and I can get as rowdy as the rest of them if I’m in the right mood…. I’ve also partied with girls like this and they are like fucking animals, I mean sexually. Theres nothing gentle or subtle about it… they get what they want sexually. There are no gentle hints, there are just orders. Get that tongue around my clit, no roll it round like that… ok thats it keep doing that. Theres something not only refreshing but very erotic about that sort of attitude.

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